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Competence and services

Design of power facilities and power supply schemes:
- technical projects and working documentation for reconstructed, modernized and newly built energy facilities at different levels (including municipal energy);
- complex and beyond design of heating and power supply schemes of cities, industrial and transport nodal points.

Energy consulting:
- preparation of input data for the design, expert examination of the technical proposals and design solutions;
- development of feasibility studies, technical and economic calculation of the projects, consulting on substantiation for investment, business planning, pricing and tariff-setting for natural monopolies services;
- energy audits, the implementation of power saving technologies.

Complete supplies of power equipment:
- "turnkey" supply of equipment world leading and domestic manufacturers, complete set and manufacturing of non-standard equipment.

Implementation and modernization of ACS:
- implementation / modernization of automation systems for commercial and technical metering of energy (AIMSCAE and ASTME), remote control systems, heat, water and gas accounting systems
from the preliminary survey and design up to putting into industrial operation.

- all range of works on the design and investment support, construction, equipment supply, installation, pre-commissioning services and maintenance of energy facilities.

Reconstruction, installation, repairs of power equipment:
- modernization and reconstruction of thermal power and power grid facilities;
- current and capital repairs, setup and maintenance of main and auxiliary power equipment;
- construction / reconstruction of heating mains, heating network;
- factory repair of transportable equipment (products) and its components, aggregate repair of electrical equipment, warranty and maintenance services;
- installation and repair of electrical equipment and electrical network voltage class up to 110 kV or more, installation of power equipment for transformer substations of 110 kV and more;
- installation of gas-insulated equipment of domestic and foreign production;
- installation of electrical equipment at the industrial plants;
- construction and repair of overhead lines and cables with voltage class up to 110 kV or more, the installation of power transmission supports, lines of industrial and urban transport.

Key service areas:
- Thermal power engineering
- Hydropower engineering
- Electric power network facilities
- Housing and utilities infrastructure
- Industrial facilities with developed energy economy
- Engineering infrastructure of buildings and structures
- Municipal systems of engineer communications (heating supply, electric power supply, etc)
- Transport infrastructure - airports, railway.