"Turnkey" construction of solar power station "Abakanskaya"

Renewable energy sources/"Turnkey" construction of solar power station "Abakanskaya"


This project is among the winners of the first conditions for the tender of investment projects on construction of generating facilities that operate on renewable energy sources, on the 2014 - 2017 years. The tender was conducted by JSC "ATS" according with the RF Government Decree of 28 May 2013 No 449 " about the mechanism of promoting to use renewable energy sources (RES) in the wholesale market of electric energy and power."
Building solar power station "Abakan" capacity 5,198 MW has been recorded in long-term power development program of the Republic of Khakassia in the period 2014 - 2019 and up to 2020.
The project customer is JSC "Krasnoyarskaya HPP" (Group of company "EuroSibEnergo"). The "turn-key" general contractor is LLC "EuroSibEnergo-engineering". All works involved in this project, are being carried out by companies included in the group LLC "EuroSibEnergo-engineering", and partner companies.
Scope of works:
a full range of engineering studies at the construction site;
- The development of design and working documents to obtain all necessary approvals and permits;
- The development of the scheme of grid connection and supply of electric power;
- Implementation of works on creating AIMSCAE and getting compliance act AIMSCAE with OREM requirements.;
- Construction and installation, commissioning works, including assembly and installation of process equipment, in particular:
• multicrystalline photovoltaic modules, a peak power of 260 watts each in an amount of about 20 000 pieces .;
• central inverter systems, equipped with 2 inverters, power output of 540 kVA each.
In order to ensure localization conditions in the project, company LLC "EuroSibEnergo-engineering" has purchased the appropriate equipment and organized on its areas the own production of crystal growth multi silicon, needed for the manufacture of photovoltaic cells.
In turn, LLC "HPP-engineering", a subsidiary of "EuroSibEnergo-engineering", has concluded a joint venture agreement with JSC "Schneider Electric" and is carrying out the assembly and testing of inverter systems at its own production site from the components which are supplied by JSC "Schneider Electric". That kind of production process is not only for ensuring the localization conditions of the current project, but also for meeting the needs of other customers on other projects implemented according with the results of tenders conducted by JSC "ATS".
The solar power plant was put into operation in 2015.