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LLC “EuroSibEnergo Engineering Company” (ESE Engineering Company) was founded in 2002 It is one of the Russian leading en-gineering companies and a business structure of JSC "EuroSibEnergo", the largest independent power company in Russia (owned by En+Group).

Within the framework of competencies, ESE Engineering Company is developing as an EPC/EPCM-contractor.

Our company has been successfully operating for more than 14 years in the energy sector, specializing in the implementation of the full complex of works on "turnkey" construction, re-construction, modernization and repairs of power facilities both in Russia and abroad.

In addition company implements the following engineering works: energy audits, the implementation of power saving technologies, development of feasibility studies, design of power facilities and heating and power supply schemes of cities, industrial and transport nodal points, complete supplies of power equipment, implementation and modernization of ACS (AIMSCAE, ASTME, APCS), reconstruction, installation, repairs and maintenance services of all kind of power equipment.

ESE Engineering Company is actively implementing the projects in thermal power, power grid, hydropower facilities, renewable energy, as well as industrial facilities with developed energy economy, transport infrastructure (airports, etc.).

Company consists of six companies - engineering-design centers, engineering, construction and assembly and repair companies, as well as the plant manufacturing technological equipment, steel structures and spare parts. Producing assets of the company are located in the Southern, Urals and Siberia regions. A number of companies have been working on power facilities since the 50 years last century; their highly skilled specialists have unique experience and knowledge of the existing equipment. The total staff is 1,800 people.

ESE Engineering Company has long-term partnership with many world leading and Russian equipment manufacturers. The company equips its facilities with the most modern mate-rials and equipment, offering its customers advanced engineering decisions.

The Company identifies the following key strategic directions which plans to develop in the near future: the development of competence in the power grid construction more than 110 kV, strengthening its presence in the markets of distributed energy (medium and low energy sectors - 1-100 MVt), the development of repair and maintenance services. The company's strategy is to continuous improvement of quality control and production optimization of business processes, the efficiency of all activities of the company.

ESE Engineering Company is the cofounder of NAEC - National Association of Engineering Companies - non-commercial professional association which unites the leading en-gineering companies in Russian Federation in the field of power industry.

ESE Engineering Company has the necessary licenses and accreditation to perform the full range of engineering services and works. The Company has implemented and successful-ly applies a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 in the TÜV system for the following activities: rendering of engineering services in the development of project documentation, surveys, the works on construction, reconstruction and overhaul of civil and industrial projects; energy consulting and energy audits; perform activities in the field of AIMSCAE. This certificate confirms the high level of management quality, stability of management processes, and also shows the continuous improvement of production activities.